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My name is Annika Heilmann,

I am a games student from Hamburg, Germany.

Welcome to my portfolio.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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Astra ex Machina

Astra ex Machina - Brettspiel Ttelbild

"Astra ex Machina" is a board game I made with one other student.

I was in charge of 2D art on that game.



"Munr" is a walking simulator I developed with

two other students.

I wrote the concept and did game design, sound design, game writing and coding for that game.



Another student and I made this Diorama.

I made a few 3D models and textures, as well as the sound design for that project.



"Kaboom" is a top-down space shooter about space debris another student and I developed.

I was in charge of 2D art and sound design on that game.

Witch RPG

Screenshot (221) a.png

This is a little magical RPG in pixel art style I worked on with two other students.

On that game I was in charge of designing all characters.

ICTRIS - Frozen Forest


"ICTRIS - Frozen Forest" is a project I worked on

with eleven other students.

I was the deputy project lead, lead artist, sound designer and was involved in game design and level design.


Plakat Kazumi.png

Kazumi is a mobile sidescroller which I made with

four other students.

I was in charge of character design and most of the 2D art as well as sound design.

Environment Art Project

Screenshot (606).png

I created this 3D environment of a

kind of horse stable on my own.



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  • Facebook - Weiß, Kreis,
  • Instagram - Weiß Kreis
  • LinkedIn - Weiß, Kreis,